Welcome to the Website of the Rights of Water Campaign

A group of water scientists and philosophers from Turin, Italy, has launched this campaign to draw up a Declaration of Water Rights.  This declaration acknowledges that there cannot be rights to water if the rights of water are not concurrently recognized.

The desire to guarantee specific rights to water stems from the need to promote a new ecological and civil culture, capable of re-discipline and balance the relationship between water and human beings and thus deconstructing the idea that man is the owner of water.

As stated in the Preamble of the Declaration, the recognition of equal and inalienable water rights prevents humanity from continuing to abuse what it considers to be an object rather than a subject. Considering water as a mere material justifies its abuse and appropriation by humans.

The campaign collects contributions from anybody who wishes to propose and bring forward one or more prospective rights of water and it is launched on World Water Day, March 22, 2019.
Contributions will be accepted through December 31, 2020.  At the end of this period, a panel will review the submitted contributions, edit them, and thus redact the declaration.

We encourage contributions from anybody, in their language of choice, and we encourage everybody to promote this campaign among friends, family, and peers.  We pledge to do our best to support and maintain the essence and intent of all valuable contributions.